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Recession Deals: The Sole Proprietor

photoCheck out the extensive bar menu at the Sole Proprietor for $5 appetizers Monday through Friday from 4-6:30pm and get cheap, high-quality seafood. The menu includes a number of creative sushi rolls, as well as seafood classics like oysters and shrimp scampi. Although the dishes are supposedly appetizer-sized, they’re big enough for a meal (unless you have the appetite of a teenage boy – but order 2 apps and it will only set you back $10!). I had a vegetarian roll (avocado, cucumber, and asparagus) and my favorite roll, the tuna crunch (tuna, avocado, crunchy sweet potato sticks). Our meal for three came to just $25, or $30 with tax and tip. Not too shabby!

The Sole Proprietor, 118 Highland St, Worcester, MA [508-798-3474]

3 Buck Bites: Red Chili

3buck_badgeCheck out my most recent post at 3 Buck Bites, complete with corny joke and Red Chili from Tortilla Sam’s in Worcester, MA. I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned Tortilla Sam’s here, but it’s a pretty decent, and cheap, Mexican joint in town. Not exactly authentic Mexican food, but their hefty burritos will satisfy any craving. They also have a lot of vegan options – including the only Spicy Tofu Wings in town, tofu burritos, and lots of grilled veggie/ bean combos.

Review: Corner Grille


As the sign states, ‘pizza pies’ are what you can expect to find at the Corner Grille – but these are not your average pizza pies. If you don’t live in or near Worcester, MA, you probably haven’t been to this unassuming little shop – even if you do live nearby, the Corner Grille is much more of a well-kept neighborhood secret than a pizza destination for most people. Well, friends, you are missing out. Corner Grille pizza is, by far, my favorite pizza ever.

What’s so special about this pizza? Is it the creative toppings – from caesar salad to butternut squash to caramelized onions – or the uber-thin, burnt around the edges crust? I’m sure it’s something different for every Corner Grille aficionado – but for me, a good pizza is all about the crust. The thinner, the better. Theirs has a pleasantly crispy, slightly burnt edge that tastes of pizza oven cracklings – you really can’t get much better than that.
gimme more pizza!

Goings on in Worcester

According to an article in the T&G yesterday, the Boynton now serves Gluten-free pizza, which has been recieving rave reviews from celiacs and others. Expect to wait for a table, it was packed last night around 6:30pm.
The Boynton, 117 Highland St.

There will be a Wine Tasting @ The Wine Vine (my parents’ new favorite wine shop) on Friday night, 5-7pm, complete with cheese and bread. The Wine Vine, 142 Highland St.

Only in Worcester…

“Is a burrito a sandwich? Judge says no”

Panera Bread Company, in Worcester, MA, sought legal action to prevent a Qdoba Mexican Grill from moving into the same strip mall. Their lease prevents the building of a sandwich shop in the same plaza, and Panera is arguing that burritos do, in fact, qualify as a type of sandwich…

My professional opinion on the matter?
1) No, a burrito is not a sandwich.
2) Qdoba is pretty good for cheap/fast Mexican food but they’ll be competing with Moe’s Southwestern Grille across the street. Qdoba’s food is better, but Moe’s greets you at the door with a friendly, slightly ridiculous “Welcome to MOOOOOE’s.”

What’s funnier about this article is that I used to work at that Panera.

Campaign for a Whole Foods in Worcester, MA!

I’ve been spoiled living in Providence because there are 2 Whole Foods within walking distance of Brown’s Campus. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury at home- the nearest one is a 40 minute drive! If you’re also saddened by this situation….

Request a Whole Foods for Worcester, MA:

Try to provide as much information for the Whole Foods Gods as possible, including possible locations. Chandler St. where Tatnuck Bookseller once was? (Although that would probably put The Living Earth out of business…) Where the Shaw’s on Grafton St. is closing? Certainly not everyone from Worcester will go there, but people from Holden, Paxton, Grafton, Millbury, etc. will flock.

Pretty please!!

Woosta Eats

I’ve been eating at my favorite restaurants throughout the whole week. The ‘rents and I just went to Da Lat, a Vietnamese restaurant that I love. I always get the same 3 things because they’re just so good: Vietnamese Tofu Salad (crunchy cabbage and veggies with fried tofu, in a sweet dressing), Steamed Pork & Shrimp Rolls (which come with the BEST peanut sauce), and Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup). The portions are huge and the food is cheap and delicious, so the place is usually filled with students from Clark and WPI. Mmm yummy in my tummy right now. 425 Park Ave, Worcester, MA.

Pho Ga is very different than your mom’s chicken noodle soup, in a good way. A good rainy day soup. I add Sriracha hot sauce to it.
Pho Sate, a very spicy beef noodle soup. Oh so spicy. Will clear your sinuses.

Other tasty Woosta destinations:
The Corner Grille has, in my opinion, the best pizza in the city! Uber-thin crust with any topping you can think of. My fav is the Greek Pie. 806 Pleasant St.
Tortilla Sam’s has great Mexican food, with lots of vegetarian dishes (I highly recommend the grilled tofu burritos) and yummy sweet potato fries. BYOB and open late most nights. 107 Highland St.
One Love Cafe is a tiny, 5 table Jamaican restaurant. Very cozy with an open kitchen and wonderful food. Also very veg-friendly and with lots of organics. 800 Main Street

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