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The life of a college student: Part 1. Or, this post brought to by the Bank of Mom.

Last night I stood staring blankly into our pantry, and then into our fridge. There are six of us sharing 1 regular-sized fridge, each of us buying our own groceries and yet…I had trouble finding anything I really wanted to eat. I spent $80 on groceries this week, and there was nothing to eat?!?! This just didn’t make sense…Except for the fact that I eat all 3 meals at home every day (I may go out once or twice on the weekend), and that I snack frequently, and that I like to have options, and that I want to eat good, healthy food. Ok, ok, so eating well and healthily gets expensive! I can’t help it if I’m picky about my Parmesan, or that I like my spinach to come in a box (it stays fresher twice as long!!), or that I buy a lot of soy products…And then there’s all the experimental baking I do…

My lovely, generous mother said to me just the other day, “You know, at some point you probably won’t be able to shop at Whole Foods anymore.” To which I said, “But as long as you continue to pay for my groceries, I will!”

…Now, if only my parents would pay for beer! πŸ˜‰

Need a Midnight Snack?

I don’t recall what magazine I just read this in, but there was this kid @ UPenn who started baking cookies for his friends to eat during study breaks. Eventually, they got so popular he ended up starting a late-night cookie/brownie delivery service! YUM! Appropriately named, Insomnia Cookies, delivers assortments of “baked on campus” cookies and brownies between 8pm-2:30am to hungry students.

My one qualm with the service is their ‘About Us’ section on their website, which states:

“And now, we present Insomnia Cookies to you. You don’t have to order a heavy meal or a greasy pizza when you get hungry anymore. Order fresh baked cookies and milk instead.”

Ok, cookies as a late night snack aren’t much better for you than the pizza or Chinese takeout you may otherwise order… But they sure do taste better! I know, I know, I am supposed to be all healthy but I’m a sucker for cookies of any kind πŸ˜€ Delivery is now available for 10 schools – unfortunately, not yet available for Brown…

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