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The Weekend in Pictures: NYC

Brunch at Essex – for $16 (for a Saturday brunch in NYC, that’s cheap!), you get a tasty meal from a varied menu (pictured: omelet with spinach, feta, tomato, and chive; mixed greens and home fries) and 3 drinks, which are seemingly unlimited (pitchers of mimosas? YES.). Make reservations ~3 weeks in advance. 120 Essex St, NY, NY 10002

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Cupcake Tour of Boston: Part 1

In an effort to woo a visiting friend from NYC – the cupcake capitol – into choosing Boston for grad school, I suggested a cupcake tour of Boston. We started out strong at Davis Square’s Kickass Cupcakes, and headed towards Boston’s Sweet with a little stroll down Newbury St. in between. Well, that’s as far as we made it – walking + excessive amounts of sugar = impending sugar crash!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the gorgeous cupcakes heaped with frosting. But, man, they were pretty – and looked almost too good to eat. Um, almost.

At Kickass, I chose the limited edition champagne bubbly cupcake – a vanilla cupcake with pink champagne frosting and a strawberry in the middle. The cupcake didn’t come with a description, and the flavors were somewhat hard to identify at first – it clicked when I was pleasantly surprised by a champagne-soaked strawberry hiding under 2 inches of frosting. I wouldn’t say the frosting tasted like champagne – but it was delicious, so I’m not complaining. My fellow cupcaketeurs chose a Mojito cupcake (rum-soaked cupcake with lime frosting) and…something else that obviously wasn’t very memorable. The mojito cupcake was a little too much…mojito for my taste.


Our next stop, Sweet, is a sparse shop on Mass. Ave – it’s only adornments were their signature pink and brown scroll wallpaper, and rows upon rows of delicate mini and full-size cupcakes in classic flavors. I appreciated Sweet’s devotion to the more traditional flavor combos – chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot with cream cheese frosting – because sometimes, I don’t want a really crazy-flavored kickass cupcake. I want a perfect carrot cupcake (sans nuts! hallelujah!) with a glorious dollop of silky cream cheese frosting. Which is exactly what I got.

For now, I would pick Sweet over Kickass – although I recommend both. But, who knows – Boston’s best cupcake could still be out there waiting for me! Looks like I have more research to do.

Kickass Cupcakes
378 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA
(check out “The Adventures of a Kickass Cupcake” on their website!)

49 Mass. Ave., Boston, MA

I do love cupcakes

For all you New Yorkers and cupcake-lovers:

A map of NYC’s best cupcakes at Gridskipper.

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