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The life of a college student: Part 1. Or, this post brought to by the Bank of Mom.

Last night I stood staring blankly into our pantry, and then into our fridge. There are six of us sharing 1 regular-sized fridge, each of us buying our own groceries and yet…I had trouble finding anything I really wanted to eat. I spent $80 on groceries this week, and there was nothing to eat?!?! This just didn’t make sense…Except for the fact that I eat all 3 meals at home every day (I may go out once or twice on the weekend), and that I snack frequently, and that I like to have options, and that I want to eat good, healthy food. Ok, ok, so eating well and healthily gets expensive! I can’t help it if I’m picky about my Parmesan, or that I like my spinach to come in a box (it stays fresher twice as long!!), or that I buy a lot of soy products…And then there’s all the experimental baking I do…

My lovely, generous mother said to me just the other day, “You know, at some point you probably won’t be able to shop at Whole Foods anymore.” To which I said, “But as long as you continue to pay for my groceries, I will!”

…Now, if only my parents would pay for beer! πŸ˜‰

“Home Recipes are on the menu in many campus dining halls”

It’s a pretty cute idea. Have parents submit their favorite homecooked recipes to university chefs and what do you get? The ultimate comfort food for students, parents actively involved in their students’ university, and new recipes for the chefs to play with.

Hey, Brown students- what do you say? Want Mom’s famous mac n’ cheese or Dad’s BBQ chicken on the menu?

Fat Studies?

A really interesting article in the NY Times this morning, about the emergence of a new scholarly area- Fat Studies. Will Brown be seeing some new classes in years to come?…“Big People on Campus”

Back to School!

As I write, Brown’s campus is overrun with hoards of clueless, awkward freshmen. It’s great. Especially when one wants to eat at the Ratty but the frosh are messing up the lines.

In light of this lovely time of year, I found an appropriate article in the NYT this morning:
“15 Pounds: Part of Freshman Meal Plan?”

The ‘Freshman 15’ is partly myth and partly truth, in my opinion. I think most people gain a few pounds their freshman year, though not necessarily 15 (but in some cases, more). The problem seems to be, in my own experience, that most new students are not used to being able to decide where, when, and what they eat without a parent or school lunch schedule to help them. Freedom, baby! And it gets out of control, especially when students are stressed. But as long as you eat healthily and avoid developing a beer gut, you should be fine.

Coming out September 6th, is “The Dorm Room Diet” by Daphne Oz, a junior at Princeton. She wrote this guide to keep the pounds off based on her own experiences in college eating.

Need a Midnight Snack?

I don’t recall what magazine I just read this in, but there was this kid @ UPenn who started baking cookies for his friends to eat during study breaks. Eventually, they got so popular he ended up starting a late-night cookie/brownie delivery service! YUM! Appropriately named, Insomnia Cookies, delivers assortments of “baked on campus” cookies and brownies between 8pm-2:30am to hungry students.

My one qualm with the service is their ‘About Us’ section on their website, which states:

“And now, we present Insomnia Cookies to you. You don’t have to order a heavy meal or a greasy pizza when you get hungry anymore. Order fresh baked cookies and milk instead.”

Ok, cookies as a late night snack aren’t much better for you than the pizza or Chinese takeout you may otherwise order… But they sure do taste better! I know, I know, I am supposed to be all healthy but I’m a sucker for cookies of any kind πŸ˜€ Delivery is now available for 10 schools – unfortunately, not yet available for Brown…

What can I do without my beloved kitchen?!

So I am relatively new to blogging. This is going to be an outlet for me, because I have so much energy that I wish could go into cooking but it’s difficult to do while at school. See, I have these roommates, who use the kitchen and don’t clean up after themselves. And I also have a 14/week Meal Plan. The situation is frustrating, to say the least, for someone who likes to de-stress by cooking a fabulous meal. Or, ya know, a batch of cookies.

I took last fall semester off from school (I am currently a sophomore @ Brown) and for most of it, when I wasn’t working at the coffee shop/bakery (the BC, we’ll call it), I would spend watching the Food Network or cooking or baking or reading cookbooks. I even took a Cake Decorating class (my family loved that, haha). You get the point- food was my life. And now, at school, I feel constrained by the dining halls and the mess in my kitchen. I figured the best way to do that was, write about it. And, of course, include recipes and document my Ratty creations.

I guess you could say that I’m addicted to food. But not in a bad, I-want-to-eat-everything kind of way. Last night, this kid was hanging out in our room and I asked if he wanted a cookie, oatmeal raisin baked by my mom, and he said sure. Then he said some milk would be really good, and I whipped out the soymilk, of course. He seemed really surprised, but I explained that offering/making people food was my thing, that’s just how I am. I’m like the grandma that forces food on you even if you’ve just eaten. I want to study Nutrition, I constantly think about food, the Food Network is my favorite Channel…I’d rather spend my weekends baking than doing anything else.

Eat and be merry!

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