So I am relatively new to blogging. This is going to be an outlet for me, because I have so much energy that I wish could go into cooking but it’s difficult to do while at school. See, I have these roommates, who use the kitchen and don’t clean up after themselves. And I also have a 14/week Meal Plan. The situation is frustrating, to say the least, for someone who likes to de-stress by cooking a fabulous meal. Or, ya know, a batch of cookies.

I took last fall semester off from school (I am currently a sophomore @ Brown) and for most of it, when I wasn’t working at the coffee shop/bakery (the BC, we’ll call it), I would spend watching the Food Network or cooking or baking or reading cookbooks. I even took a Cake Decorating class (my family loved that, haha). You get the point- food was my life. And now, at school, I feel constrained by the dining halls and the mess in my kitchen. I figured the best way to do that was, write about it. And, of course, include recipes and document my Ratty creations.

I guess you could say that I’m addicted to food. But not in a bad, I-want-to-eat-everything kind of way. Last night, this kid was hanging out in our room and I asked if he wanted a cookie, oatmeal raisin baked by my mom, and he said sure. Then he said some milk would be really good, and I whipped out the soymilk, of course. He seemed really surprised, but I explained that offering/making people food was my thing, that’s just how I am. I’m like the grandma that forces food on you even if you’ve just eaten. I want to study Nutrition, I constantly think about food, the Food Network is my favorite Channel…I’d rather spend my weekends baking than doing anything else.

Eat and be merry!