Here’s to 2015!

1. Enjoy more meatless meals. We’ve been gradually eating less and less meat over the past year, and I’m always looking for healthy, meatless meal ideas (i.e., not ones that replace meat with cheese).

2. Waste less food. This means grocery shopping more often during the week, not letting our farmers’ market produce wilt before we can eat it, and finishing our leftovers.

3. Continue advocating for healthy food in my community. I’m attending my first Berkeley Food Policy Council meeting next week and hope to be involved in implementation of the city’s soda tax.

4. Use my cookbooks more often. I read so many food blogs that I get overwhelmed with the sheer number of potential recipes, stick to tried-and-true meals, and forget that I have a bunch of inspiring cookbooks on hand. I’m starting to cook my way through the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and would love to get Dana Cowin’s new book, Mastering My Mistakes In the Kitchen, and Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty.

5. Listen to more food podcasts. I just discovered Radio Cherry Bombe (download on iTunes), which features interviews with women in the food world – recent ones included Ruth Reichl and Ina Garten, who are both delightful. Any other recommendations?