I had to neglect the blog for a bit to make it through finals – sorry, folks! I’m back with the news:

  • A group of physicians has started a petition that calls on President Obama to stop eating junk food on the campaign trail. Obama frequently visits local eateries on his travels, and has been shown eating everything from chili dogs to pie in photo-ops. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine believes that in order to reduce obesity and support FLOTUS’s efforts, he should set a better example for Americans by eating healthier on the road. Too far? [The Atlantic]
  • Legislation recently passed in the House cuts $35.8B from nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or food stamps), Meals on Wheels, and funding for Public Health and Prevention grants. These programs, especially SNAP, are vital to the well-being of many lower income Americans. It is believed that the bill will not pass in the Senate. [Obama Foodorama]
  • A study of the impact of California’s bans on the sale of junk food in schools demonstrates that students have cut down on calories, added sugar, and fat since the policies were implemented. High school students in California consumed an average of 158 calories less than their counterparts in other states. Importantly, this does not mean the students had stopped eating junk food in favor of healthier foods, just that they were eating less of it. [New York Times]