• A video presented at TEDxManhattan 2011 shows the difference in your body’s digestion of processed foods versus whole foods. If you haven’t already watched it, prepare to be grossed out. [Fooducate]
  • A preschool student in North Carolina was told by a government official that the lunch she brought from home was unhealthy, and she was forced to eat the school’s meal of chicken nuggets instead. Her lunch, packed by her mother, consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, chips, and apple juice – while it could be healthier (without chips, plus a vegetable), it was certainly more nutritious than chicken nuggets. All meals served in pre-K classrooms, even lunches brought from home, are required to meet USDA guidelines for meals; if they do not meet the guidelines, the provider is supposed to supplement (NOT replace) the missing components. [Carolina Journal]
  • A new commercial from fast food outlet Chipotle promotes the chain’s practice of sourcing organic, local foods through a video bashing Big Food and factory farming operations. The cute animation shows a farmer practicing sustainable farming methods (happy cows, munching on grass in a green field) and later loading his meat onto a Chipotle-branded truck. Chipotle’s emphasis on sustainable and organic foods is a rarity among chain restaurants, particularly in fast food. [Serious Eats]
  • Research out of Dartmouth found high levels of arsenic in organic brown rice syrup, which is used in many foods (mostly organic “processed” foods, like granola bars, etc.) as a sweetener. Arsenic was found in amounts six times the EPA’s threshold of 10 parts per billion for drinking water in a tested infant formula. There are currently no federal regulations regarding arsenic content in juices or foods, prompting the research team to strongly encourage the FDA to do something about it. Fox News reported the same story by grossly exaggerating the results, claiming basically that all organic food has arsenic in it. [Bloomberg]