• More and more children are receiving free or reduced school lunches due to recent economic downturn. According to the New York Times, the number of students receiving subsidized lunch has increased by 17% since 2007. With more students relying on these meals, it becomes even more crucial for Congress to pass improved meal standards for the federal school lunch program. [NYT]
  • Siri, the iPhone 4S’s smart assistant, appears to be pro-life. Ask Siri where to find a nearby abortion clinic or emergency contraception and she won’t be able to tell you despite the fact that the same Google search will yield results. However, she can still direct you to an escort service or tell you where to dump a body. Was this deliberate or just a programming glitch? Apple has yet to comment on the issue. [Gizmodo, The Atlantic, VentureBeat]
  • A lengthy feature in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine explains the rise of celiac disease in the United States. As awareness of the disease rises, so do diagnoses – and food companies, like General Mills, are taking advantage of a new audience to sell products to. Celiacs are happy because gluten-free choices are easier to find, and taste less like cardboard.  [NYT Magazine]