• A new research study of teens in Boston public schools indicates a possible link between sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and violence. Teens who drank 5 or more cans of soda per week were more likely to carry a knife or gun and to act violently towards friends and family than their peers who drank less than 4 cans per week. More research on this topic is needed, but researchers hypothesized that perhaps the excessive sugar and caffeine intake might be causing aggressive behavior. [The Atlantic]
  • On Tuesday, the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act was introduced in the Senate and the House. The proposed bill would make changes to the current Farm Bill (the next Farm Bill is due to be passed in 2012) to promote small, organic farms and improve local and regional food systems for both farmers and consumers. [Obama Foodorama]
  • A small study looked at the effects of weight on the effectiveness of the seasonal flu vaccine. The study was composed of 74 people who were either normal weight, overweight, or obese. The results indicated that the vaccine was less effective in the obese patients, who had less antibodies over time than patients who were normal weight. The study implies that a higher dose vaccine may be needed for patients who are obese. [Commonhealth]
  • U.S. News has released a list of the healthiest diets. But, no surprise, the healthiest diets aren’t the ones that people say actually work for them, helping them to both eat better and eat less (and lose weight). Topping the list are Weight Watchers and Eco-Atkins. [The Atlantic]