• A recent study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association demonstrates that consumers are less conscious of nutrition labels on foods than they think they are. Consumers were asked to look at nutrition labels on a computer screen for a large number of foods. Consumers greatly overestimated the amount they looked at various parts of the label, including calorie content, total fat, and serving size.  For example, 1 of 3 consumers reported always checking calorie content, but only 9% did in actuality. [The Atlantic]
  • A huge component of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is working to eliminate the nation’s 6,500 food deserts. Tuesday, she invited 8 mayors to join her at a food desert summit in Chicago, to discuss food access and nutrition initiatives that have been successful (or not) in their communities, both urban and rural. The list included  Somerville, MA’s mayor Joseph Curtatone, who has supported nutrition initiatives, such as Shape Up Somerville, for years. [Obama Foodorama]
  • In honor of Monday’s Food Day, Forbes highlighted a handful of new technologies that are helping communities access local foods by improving distribution for farmers and connecting them with consumers. Included on the list is Market Mobile, an online ordering system for 40 New England farms run by Farm Fresh Rhode Island (an awesome non-profit). [Forbes]
  • Massachusetts received a $3 million grant from the federal government for community-based public health programs. Governor Deval Patrick announced yesterday that 43 towns and cities across the state would receive funding for programs ranging from obesity prevention to smoking reduction. [Commonhealth]

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