• You’ve probably seen commercials from the manufacturers of high-fructose corn syrup trying to rebrand HFCS as “corn sugar,” claiming the body processes it the same way as regular cane sugar. The Corn Refiners Association has requested to legally change the name, and the FDA has yet to make a decision. This week, the issue went to federal court in a lawsuit from sugar makers against the Corn Refiners Assn., arguing that these commercials amounted to false advertising. Scientists and doctors don’t have enough conclusive evidence that sugar and HFCS are processed any differently in the body, despite the fact that they are very different substances. But, everyone can agree with Marion Nestle that “Changing the name of HFCS to corn sugar is about marketing, not public health. If the FDA decides to approve the change, it will not alter the fact that about 60 pounds each of HFCS and table sugar are available per capita per year, and that Americans would be a lot healthier consuming a lot less of either one.” [AgWeek, The Atlantic]
  • Per a provision in the Child Nutrition Bill (passed in December), schools are required to raise prices on school lunches to balance costs. Although the bill suggests incremental price hikes of 10 cents per year, some schools have already raised them by 25 cents – and parents are mad. [New York Times]
  • Michelle Obama and Let’s Move! will host the first ever “tweetup” (a meet-up of Twitter followers) next Wednesday, October 5th, during the Fall Harvest of the White House kitchen garden. Selected twits (?) will get a tour of the garden with FLOTUS herself, and the opportunity to discuss childhood obesity with Let’s Move! staffers, and chef  Sam Kass. Enter by 5pm today by following @LetsMove on Twitter or here. [Obama Foodorama]
  • Massachusetts farms devastated by the heavy wind and rains of Hurricane Irene last month will receive federal disaster relief. Many counties in the western and central parts of the state were hit hard by Irene. [Boston Globe]