• The Boston Herald rounded up a small sampling of the frozen treats on Newbury Street and wrongfully concluded that relative newcomer Pinkberry (to Boston, that is) offered the best frozen yogurt. My loyalty is to local chain Berryline, which recently opened a Newbury St. location in addition to their original Harvard Square, Porter Square, and Fenway outposts. Also, Smoothie King has no business being in this round-up! [Herald]
  • Marion Nestle shared some thoughts on the German E.Coli outbreak, which may or may not be caused by sprouts (a common carrier of bacteria because they are hard to clean) . [Atlantic Monthly]
  • The German government is pretty sure the E.Coli outbreak was caused by sprouts, despite negative results from epidemiological studies. Overall, 2988 people were sickened and 795 of them developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a very serious complication. [NYT]
  • A Missouri ice cream shop took advantage of a rare cicada invasion to make a cicada-flavored ice cream, which was apparently flying (ha) off the shelves. Someone said the crunchy critters taste like peanuts. After quickly selling out of their seasonal (and once every 13 years) flavor, stop the local health department “advised” them to stop because of food code concerns (which don’t cover cicadas, shockingly!). Customers eager to try the flavor will have to wait until 2024. [CBS]

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