The weather this week has been too beautiful to stay inside keeping up with the interwebs all day. Spring is finally here in New England! But, here are the things that I managed to read this week:

1. Marion Nestle, nutritionist extradonaire, is writing for The Atlantic’s new food section. This week, she poses the question of why the FDA gets walked all over by the food industry when it comes to exaggerated health claims, allowing foods to claim antioxidant power and other things without much evidence: “Hello new administration…How about considering just saying no to health claims.” Read more.

2. A controversial article appeared in the NYT this week that claimed that free-range pork had a higher incidence of the parasite trichinosis than did industrial pork. The food blogosphere went nuts; Ed Levine and other food bloggers spoke out. It turns out that the study cited in the NYT article was funded by the National Pork Board. The bottom line: industrial pork is still worse for you.

3. Everyone wants to be like the Obamas: many Americans are jumping to plant vegetable gardens this spring, to save the environment and money. But how much money will you really save by having a successful garden? Are the start-up costs too high to be worth it? Get answers here.

4. I’ll be moving out on my own soon, and am already strategizing how to save money on groceries while still eating well and healthily. The Consumerist discusses how supermarkets help you save, but readers’ comments are more helpful than the article itself.

5. The NYC Health Commissioner is proposing a tax on soda after a study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people who drink sugary beverages are at a greater risk for diabetes and obesity. But will taxing soda really reduce consumption? Read more.