Look at that! Yes, that is calamari on top of a pizza.

img_1449Here’s the whole thing – Fried Calamari pizza with a delightfully spicy tomato sauce, topped with arugula, fried calamari and a creamy lemon aioli sauce. Hard to eat without dropping half the calamari on your plate, but worth trying.

img_1448This is the Roasted Pulled Chicken pizza – with gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, pesto, and scallions. Awesome. Not pictured: the Classico di Baffetti with basil oil, tomato sauce, and shaved parmesan grana – which I’m eating as I type. And getting greasy fingerprints on my keyboard.

We ordered 3 pizzas to feed 5 girls. Little did we know, they are HUGE. After stuffing ourselves to the brim, each of us went home with at least 2 large slices of pie. The pizzas are a little pricey ($12-19) – but totally worth it, in quality and the sheer amount of food you get.

67 Main St, Charlestown, MA
Website and menu here.