As the sign states, ‘pizza pies’ are what you can expect to find at the Corner Grille – but these are not your average pizza pies. If you don’t live in or near Worcester, MA, you probably haven’t been to this unassuming little shop – even if you do live nearby, the Corner Grille is much more of a well-kept neighborhood secret than a pizza destination for most people. Well, friends, you are missing out. Corner Grille pizza is, by far, my favorite pizza ever.

What’s so special about this pizza? Is it the creative toppings – from caesar salad to butternut squash to caramelized onions – or the uber-thin, burnt around the edges crust? I’m sure it’s something different for every Corner Grille aficionado – but for me, a good pizza is all about the crust. The thinner, the better. Theirs has a pleasantly crispy, slightly burnt edge that tastes of pizza oven cracklings – you really can’t get much better than that.


The extensive menu doesn’t hurt either – creative pies span the chalkboard menu, with an additional seasonal one (spring’s includes asparagus, parmesan, and other goodies). While I usually stick to the Greek pie (spinach, basil, feta, parm, tomato), I went for the Chicken Caesar pie last night – parm, mozz, a little caesar dressing as a tomato sauce replacement, with a huge pile o’ caesar salad heaped on top. I feel better about eating half a pizza if there’s salad thrown in there. The crunchy romaine and cool dressing were the perfect counterbite to the crusty, cheesy crust. We also got the Caveman pie – while I did not partake in the meatfest that was the other half of my pizza, it looked pretty tasty with sausage, green peppers, onions, and other meaty bits on there.


Other favorite pies on the menu include the Roasted Red (chicken, roasted red peppers, pepper sauce, pinenuts, parm) and the Chicken Pesto (chicken, basil pesto, tomato chunks, bacon niblets). You can also build your own – but why would you, when you already have so many interesting combos to choose from? Corner Grille also has salads, wraps, and soups, as well as a tempting display of baked goods (although I’m always too full to have any). I’ve never been disappointed with anything on the menu – but the pizza is where it’s at.

The place is small – they have maybe 10 small tables. On a Friday or Saturday night, it can get crowded. Heck, last night, a Tuesday, was crowded with neighborhood regulars. Unfortunately, they do not deliver. So, if you ever find yourself in Worcester, MA, you know where to go for the best pizza in town.

The Corner Grille
806 Pleasant St, Worcester, MA 01609
(508) 754-8884

Check out the menu here.