1. People seeking comfort foods during the recession: An article in yesterday’s NYT describes the recent trend in the food glossies to focus on comfort foods, cheap eats, and recipes for leftovers. This month’s Gourmet has a feature on how to stretch 2 whole chickens in 4 meals for 4 people. Move over, truffles – bring on the comfort! Finally, things I can cook on a small budget!

2. Health-obsessed parents foster unhealthy relationships with food: With good intentions, more parents are encouraging their kids to eat healthily by avoiding processed foods, pesticides, and anything else potentially harmful. But it looks like such restrictive eating plans may have an adverse effect – anxiety or obsession with healthy food, the seeds of a new eating disorder, orthorexia. So, how healthy is too healthy?

3. Obama’s health plan faces a big dilemma…the economy: Health care costs and the number of uninsured Americans are rising and time is running out. Obama needs a plan that will provide comprehensive, affordable care to everyone. Can he do it?

4. And, who is Kathleen Sebelius? Obama’s new Secretary of Health & Human Services.

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