“As Outbreak Affects 1,000, Experts See Flaws in Laws” (NYT)

The FDA and CDC are still looking for the source of the salmonella outbreak that has now sickened over 1,000 people 41 states. Only 25 of the cases were reported in Massachusetts. A couple weeks ago, tomatoes were the culprit – now it could be anything.

“It’s clear that the F.D.A. is not equipped to deal with a trace-back of the magnitude that they are dealing with right now,” said Mike Doyle, director of the center for food safety at the University of Georgia….But Dr. David A. Kessler, the F.D.A. commissioner in the Clinton and first Bush administrations, said the agency has the authority to require the industry to trace produce as it travels from “farm to table,” but has lacked “the impetus” to do so.

Good to know that the FDA will be there for us in the case terrorists get to our food supply – oh, wait, they might “lack the impetus to do so.”