1. The Salmonella Mystery continues: Tomatoes may not be to blame for the outbreak of salmonella that has made 810 people sick in the past two months. So where is it coming from? The CDC and FDA don’t know…Just another reason to buy local produce!

2. Don’t cry over spilled milk: Customers are complaining about the new eco-friendly milk jugs recently launched at Wal-Mart and Costco because they are harder to pour than the jugs we’re so used to. The new, square-ish jugs deliver fresher milk to consumers at a lower price and a lower cost to the environment – I’m certainly not complaining.

3. As of tomorrow, NYC will be trans-fat free. Non-compliant restaurants and other eateries will face steep fines if they continue to use partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. I’m all for natural foods – but will this change the taste of some of the city’s favorite foods?