With the exception of my spontaneous post last week, I haven’t posted in MONTHS. I would apologize to my readers, but I don’t think anyone reads this anyways!

Anyways, here’s a brief update: my very busy school year is over and now I’m working at a real-person job in Boston for the summer, meaning that my evenings and weekends are blissfully free from homework. Unfortunately, my internet connection is anything but reliable so posts will be few and far between until that situation gets resolved.

While my connection is holding out, a few things:
1. I forgot to go to the Farmer’s Market today! Damn. To find your local market, go to the MA Department of Agriculture’s website.
2. After hearing Michael Pollan speak at Brown this past semester, I finally got around to reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma. A good read – it will certainly make you think twice about anything you ingest. His most recent book, In Defense of Food, just arrived from Amazon today.
3. Taste of Cambridge was delicious, but maybe not worth the steep ticket price. Ever heard of student discounts? More on ToC to come, with iPhone pictures.
4. The first New York City Wine & Food Festival (sponsored by the Food Network and Food & Wine Magazine) will be October 9-12, 2008. Check out the events line-up on the website and buy your (pricy) tickets here.
5. I watched some Food Network last week, and I have to say I’m disappointed with their new shows and chefs. Blech.

That’s it for now!