After what seemed like a neverending quest for Chinese food brought us to Philly’s Chinatown, my boyfriend ordered frog for dinner. I kid you not. I didn’t try it. It was at this point that I realized I will never be a food critic or consider myself a truly adventurous eater, for I am far too picky. Ask my mother and she’ll tell you that I am 10 times better than I was as a little kid – refer to the Popcorn Shrimp story, or the time I wasn’t allowed to take a bath until I tried steak (I recall only licking it after hours of pouting, then deciding it was gross and hopping in the tub – I haven’t eaten steak to this day). I tried clams for the first time last night – too chewy, ew, but at least I gave them a try. I keep trying eggplant, but I still don’t like it – slimy! What are YOUR food aversions?

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