While baking a couple batches of cookies (chocolate chip and oatmeal cherry), we discovered that the 2007 Pillsbury Bake-off was on the Food Network. Of course, we had to watch…Interested in entering for next year? Here are a few tips from Pillsbury: recipes must use at least 2 General Mills products, be unique, relatively simple, have consumer appeal, and most importantly, taste good! For details, go to the Pillsbury site.

The million-dollar prize winner went to Baked Chicken with Spinach Stuffing…The stuffing was made with Dunkins Waffle-dippers, and the syrup packets were used as the glaze for the chicken. Worth a million dollars? I don’t know how I feel about the waffle stuffing, but the judges liked it. The creator of this recipe also has a blog, for which she bakes something every day – check it out at CookieMadness.