Michael Moore’s life goal must be to create as much controversy as he can…he’s done it again this time at the Cannes Film Festival with his newest project, “Sicko,” a documentary attacking the U.S. healthcare system in favor of socialized medical systems like those in Canada, the UK, and France. Moore, like many Americans, believes that the U.S. healthcare system is in dire need of reform. He even goes so far as to travel to a Cuban hospital to show off it’s excellent healthcare system (an action that caused him to get in trouble with President Bush). Yes, the U.S. desperately needs a more equitable healthcare system, but will Moore’s documentary really make a difference? We already know what needs to be done, it’s just not happening with the current administration.

The movie won’t be released to national theaters until June 29th, but you can track the ruckus it’s created at MichaelMoore.com and other news sources.

Check out a short clip from the movie on YouTube.