Members of Congress have just finished the Food Stamp Challenge, in which they lived on a food stamp budget (just $3 per day) for a week. The goal was to raise awareness about the Food Stamp program and the need for reform.

[Jim McGovern]:

“The purpose of the Food Stamp Challenge is to raise awareness of the crucial role the Food Stamp Program serves in the lives of 26 million Americans each month, including over 450,000 in my state of Massachusetts. Three of my esteemed colleagues –Representatives Jo Ann Emerson, Jan Schakowsky, and Tim Ryan – joined me in taking this challenge over the past week. Although we may be less energetic and perhaps crankier than when we started the challenge nearly a week ago, each of us has learned a great deal.

Certainly, my wife, Lisa, and I have gained valuable insights from our experience on a very tight budget. We have much more sympathy over how the lack of energy and the hard choices on how to stretch the budget and put food on the table might also stretch one’s patience and stress a marriage. We can imagine the worry and pain of parents if we had to feed our children on this kind of budget—these are just a few of our reflections over the past week.”

Jim and Lisa McGovern have been blogging about their experience of living on Food Stamps for the past week…It’s insightful and interesting, so check it out here.