I’m in NYC for a few days, expect restaurant news soon.

In the meantime, check out the news:
“2006 diet news focused on food choices, good and bad” (CNN.com)
The U.S. this year focused on making healthier choices, such as increasing consumption of produce and whole grains and reducing intake of refined sugar and trans fat. No crazy diet fads (like Atkins a few years ago) were seen, and health officials took action by banning trans fat in NYC restaurants, with more cities expected to follow.

“When Bad Things Come From Good Food” (NYT)
When one thinks of common sources of bacteria in food, one probably thinks of dairy, eggs, and meat. But in the last few months, we’ve seen outbreaks of bacterial food poisoning (mostly due to E. coli) from fresh produce. What’s are the FDA and CDC to do?

“Be It Ever So Homespun, There’s Nothing Like Spin” (NYT)
“Greenwashing:” the increasing prevalence of “natural” products that are still considered junk food such as Natural Cheetos, Multigrain Tostitos, etc.

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