You should all know by now that NYC has banned trans fat, but did you also know that restaurants will be required to list nutrition facts on their menus? However, this part of the act only affects chain restaurants with standardized menus, which only includes roughly 10% of NYC eateries, most of which are fast food (and most already have nutrition facts available). But what about Starbucks? With about a zillion possible combinations for every drink, how will they list nutrition content? Sure, you can already look up the calories in your favorite soy chai latte online, but how will that be transferred to stores?…

More importantly, do New Yorkers really care about the nutrition when they’re going out to eat? The restaurants affected by this act are mostly fast food, and it’s assumed that their consumers don’t care how many calories or grams of fat are in that Big Mac or bucket of KFC. Will listing the nutrition facts help people make healthier choices when dining out, as health advocates are hoping? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

“New York Gets Ready to Count Calories”
(NYT, 12.13.06)