“Puff the Magic Preservative: Lasting Crunch, but Less Scent”

This article was in the NYT this morning, about how a company called AgroFresh has developed a preservative spray for produce that slows the ripening process. As of now, the spray- called SmartFresh– is being used mostly on apples, but has also been tried on bananas, pears, and even avocados. Spraying allows the fruit to last twice as long in storage or in the store, and “is likely to be very low-risk to consumers.”

I read the entire article, thinking “Ew, another chemical added to my food. Good thing I buy local, organic produce...” but THEN I read the last paragraph:

“Whatever its merits, fruit treated with SmartFresh may not appeal to those who dislike industrial agriculture and prize seasonal produce. In spring and summer, those shoppers can choose fresher seasonal fruits, newer apples from New Zealand or Chile (although those may have been treated, too) and local summer apples. For now they can buy organic apples, but AgroFresh officials say they may apply to the National Organic Standards Board to allow SmartFresh fruit to be labeled organic.

Grr! Is is so much to ask for fruit sans chemicals?!