Ok, well it’s not really an update since they haven’t figured anything out yet. Now stores are removing ALL fresh spinach, not just bagged. The number of illnesses due to E. Coli reported has reached 131 people in 22 states. My Public Health professor informed us that the CDC or the FDA or whoever is doing the sampling of spinach in San Fernando Valley, CA didn’t find E. Coli anywhere- so it looks like we’re back to square one.

“Spinach fields combed in search for E. coli clues”

In other news, tomorrow is Wednesday and that means the Farmer’s Market is happening on Wriston Quad. AND there’s going to be a CORN SHUCK-OFF from 11am-2pm! I wanted to participate in what promises to be a spectacular display of master shucking…but no one wanted to join my team. Oh well, I’ll still watch.