Whenever we return from a trip, a certain family friend always asks “What’d ya do? Where’d ya eat?” and, more often than not, we can’t tell you the names of any place we ate. We are not the type of family that looks up fancy restaurants to eat at when traveling. If you want to find the best food in any place, eat where the locals eat. Usually the hole in the wall or the local home ends up being the best meal on the whole trip.

Our trip to Morocco was the first trip that I actually considered the food beforehand. (I used to be extremely picky, and would end up eating primarily bread, rice, potatoes on every trip). My first trip as a conscious eater, I guess…which is kind of sad, considering that I definitely missed out on a lot of good, exotic food in my earlier years.

Anyways, culinary traveling is on the rise! I found an article on CNN.com yesterday, “A Growing Taste for Culinary Travel,” about how more and more people are interested in food due to the continuing popularity of cooking shows and the like. Not only can you arrange to take a cooking class pretty much anywhere, but you can even eat in local homes. Check out culinary schools, close to home or abroad- most offer classes for the public.

To get you started:
Culinary Schools
Culinary Institute of America Enthusiasts Program
Home Food Program, Italy (as seen in this month’s Gourmet)