As I write, Brown’s campus is overrun with hoards of clueless, awkward freshmen. It’s great. Especially when one wants to eat at the Ratty but the frosh are messing up the lines.

In light of this lovely time of year, I found an appropriate article in the NYT this morning:
“15 Pounds: Part of Freshman Meal Plan?”

The ‘Freshman 15’ is partly myth and partly truth, in my opinion. I think most people gain a few pounds their freshman year, though not necessarily 15 (but in some cases, more). The problem seems to be, in my own experience, that most new students are not used to being able to decide where, when, and what they eat without a parent or school lunch schedule to help them. Freedom, baby! And it gets out of control, especially when students are stressed. But as long as you eat healthily and avoid developing a beer gut, you should be fine.

Coming out September 6th, is “The Dorm Room Diet” by Daphne Oz, a junior at Princeton. She wrote this guide to keep the pounds off based on her own experiences in college eating.