Ok, so I’m back. Actually, I’ve been back for a week but have been lazy… slash packing and shopping for school because I go back to BROWN today!
Anyways, our trip was fabulous. We ate lots of delicious food, but I don’t have many pictures for you because my camera spontaneously ate them….sorry. The food, because we were usually in tourist areas, was mostly the same at every restaurant. Needless to say, I am all tagine-d out and don’t want to hear about Moroccan food for awhile.

A typical Moroccan Menu consists of:
Fresh Bread– Lots and lots of bread. Different breads are made on the streets and in bakeries at different times of day, but it’s usually a round loaf of crusty bread dusted with cornmeal.
Moroccan Salad– Tomatoes, onions, a little olive oil and vinegar, parsley. Simple and delicious.
Harira– A traditional first course soup made with lamb stock, lentils and vegetables. Served on the street at night.
Tagines– Kind of like a stew, made in a pot called a tagine, usually with chicken or lamb. My favorite was Chicken with lemon peel and olives.
Couscous– Morocco’s favorite grain! Usually served with vegetables.
Pastilla– A sweet and savory flaky pie thing usually filled with chicken and almonds, covered with powdered sugar.
Grilled Fish– Self-explanatory. We had it grilled whole when we were on the coast. (Also, Moroccans really like tuna. I don’t know why.)
Brochettes– Basically kebabs, usually chicken or beef.
Mint Tea– Green tea brewed with tons of fresh mint sprigs and loads of sugar.
Freshly Squeezed OJ is also found everywhere.
Olives, Almonds, Golden Raisins, and Argan nuts are locally grown.

Or, if you are in one of the main tourist drags, you can probably find a good Italian or French restuarant. Moroccans make surprisingly good pizza!

If you are cooking for yourself, make sure to explore the open-air food markets. Seeing the variety of spices at the spice market was amazing, and so fragrant. There were also fish markets (smelly) and meat markets. The Djemma El Fna (main square, below) in Marrakech is a must for adventurous eaters, where hundreds of food stalls are open every night serving anything you can think of. Djemma El Fna is crazy after sunset.
orange juice vendors

In Essouaira and Marrakech, we rented houses but if you would like to check out the other places we stayed, feel free. They were wonderful.
Dar Kamar, Oarzazate, Morocco
Kasbah du Toubkal, Imlil, Morocco

That’s all for now! Posting will resume once I am all moved in later today.