The 6 of you who actually read this blog have probably been wondering, what the hell? Where IS that girl? Well, basically, I’ve been really lazy about posting. Mostly because I rarely read the newspaper at home (except for the comics- essentials, people!) and it’s been way too hot to cook or even grill. My work schedule has been hectic and in what free time I do have, I’ve been working on a scrapbooking project or hanging out with my best friend’s new puppy (adorable, by the way). But enough excuses, I actually do have stuff to write about!

1. The August issue of Gourmet arrived in the mail last week and the cover nearly made me drool- a delicious raspberry streusel tart! I’m so excited to try the recipe. I am a complete sucker for tarts, crisps, and pies made with fresh seasonal fruit. Raspberries and strawberries are my faaaaavorites! And they’re so easy- you just throw everything together and cook until golden brown and bubbling.
Also, the magazine came with a supplement of food-themed stories (essays, I guess?)- the editors seem to be experimenting with the format of the magazine a bit. The sort of stories that would go in Best Food Writing 2006 or something. I love reading about food almost as much as I like eating it, so the stories were interesting to me at least. I actually like Gourmet for the articles more than the recipes most of the time. (No subscription? You can find their recipes at

2. Have you heard about Russo’s Market in Watertown, MA? I hadn’t, but of course, I don’t live anywhere near there. It’s a gourmet market with fruits, veggies, fancy cheeses, etc. that supplies alot of the Boston area’s great restuarants. Looks like I’ll have to check it out!

3. I really wish I hadn’t told A. about this place called Soul Fire in Allston, MA. They serve up authentic southern BBQ with all the fixin’s, even fried mac n’ cheese balls. My arteries are clogging just thinking about it…But A’s all excited, so I’m just going to have to suck it up!

4. “Study of Children with Diabetes Suggests Obesity is Affecting Life Expectancy”…may I just say, well, DUH?!

5. “Creamy, Healthier Ice Cream? What’s the Catch?”– It’s interesting what technology has done to the food industry…Crazy, no?

6. And speaking of ice cream, we went to Gibby’s last week (for dinner, haha), a lovely ice cream stand in Worcester that has been around forever (okay, 1928). Gibby’s is part of Gibson Brothers Dairy Farms (but the cows are not in Worcester) and they make their ice cream on the premises. We went last week on the first cool night we’ve had in weeks (it was still 75 degrees at 8pm though!) and there was hardly a line. I ordered Mint Chocolate Chip frozen yogurt, Mom had sugar-free Peanut Butter Paradise, and A. had Peanut Butter Cup (with chocolate sprinkles, of course). Now, their sizes are rather large. By ‘rather,’ I mean obscenely large. I ordered a kid size cup, and it was still 2 huge scoops- I couldn’t finish! A’s medium cone was about the size of his head (see above picture). But everything is delicious and they have a ton of flavors ranging from Watermelon sherbet (delish) to Cake Batter ice cream.

Alright, I’m out. We’re going to dinner at a new(ish) Vietnamese restuarant in town. Will it be as good as Da Lat? I hope so, I’m hungry!