Yesterday I went strawberry picking! We went to Tougas Farm in Northboro, MA. I don’t know about where you live, but the NE has tons of pick-your-own fruit in the summer and fall- it’s great! Right now, it’s the end of the strawberry season (sad!) but blueberry picking starts next week, and then peaches after that. It was hot, but we went in the morning to avoid crowds and mid-day sun. Basically, if you’ve never been, they give you a box and assign you to a row of strawberry plants in a huge field. And the whole field smells like fresh strawberries …mmm.

So, of course, when we got home, we had a buttload of strawberries to deal with. Like, 8 pounds of berries- which may not seem like alot, but then you realize you have to eat them all quickly before they go bad or freeze them. Luckily, the farm gave out recipe booklets so we at least had a vague plan of how we were going to get rid of all those berries.

What I made:
Oatmeal Strawberry Muffins (so quickly devoured that I had to make another batch)
Strawberry Nut Bread (gone in 2 seconds)
“Berry Special” Muffins (which I made with blueberries, because we had alot of those too)

And then this morning, there were Strawberry and Blueberry pancakes galore!

It was a berry tasty weekend 🙂 I love summer…