Stories like these make me NOT want to read the Health news anymore…

Muhammed Ali is now coming out with a line of reduced-calorie packaged foods, joining the crusade against obesity in the United States. His company, GOAT Food and Beverage (Greatest of All Time…of course), is trying to make healthy snacks a staple in kids’ diets. To me, they don’t look all that appealing. And who wants to eat something called “GOAT?” I don’t think kids will buy them.

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In other news, the great Marshmallow War in the Massachusetts State Senate has ended. The Fluff won. Last week, State Senator Jarrett Barrios proposed a bill that would prohibit school cafeterias from serving Fluffernutter sandwiches (Fluff+PB) in an effort to encourage healthy eating for kids. The proposal caused so much controversy within the State Senate, however, that some senators became so defensive of the Fluffernutter sandwich that they tried to make it the “official Massachusetts state sandwich.”….Seriously? What a crazy state I live in.

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Currently, nutrition and health are topics at the forefront of national discussions. That’s a good thing, since obviously alot of people don’t know much about those topics. But how healthy is TOO healthy? Is taking away Fluffernutters that crucial to the health of our kids? Lighten up! Or else, they’ll target Girl Scout cookies next- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!