So, I have a friend who is getting married at the end of June and I am at a loss as to what to get the couple for a wedding gift. Then I saw this article in the NY Times this morning, about couples registering for all kinds of extravagant kitchen supplies and odd appliances they will likely never use (juice maker, ice cream maker, etc). So I looked up my couple’s registry and they list barely any kitchen things, besides the apparently obligatory china set. I’m confused- do they plan to live on takeout? Why aren’t they registered for a wonderful Kitchenaid mixer or a set of steak knives? Why not?! Perhaps I’m just fantasizing all the kitchen equipment I imagine myself registering for…

I’ve decided that they at least need a good cookbook- they’re going to have to cook someday. Maybe I’ll throw in some spoonulas, those are my favorite!

Any other ideas?

**Update: They had registered somewhere else for their Kitchen stuff, but I haven’t gotten a chance to look at it yet. Cookbook it is! **