Last Friday night, we went to our city’s annual Greek Festival for dinner. Such good food, we’ll be back next year!

Everyone wants something delicious to eat, but you have to wait in the really long line first.
My plate: chicken kabob, spanikopita (spinach+feta pie) and Greek salad.
Just look at how much food he has! He didn’t finish all of it, but he was close…
A dessert called katifi, similar to baklava and made from shredded wheat, honey, and nuts.
Nutty on the inside!

Loukoumandes (honey puffs) being served. Fried dough balls smothered in honey.
Loukoumandes into the huge deep fryer:
The complete menu was: Greek Salads, Chicken or Lamb Kabobs, Rice Pilaf, Spanikopita, something starting with a P- that was like mac and cheese, baklava, katifi, loukoumandes, and fruit salad. They were also serving wine, Ouzo, and something else in shot glasses.