Ok, maybe using ‘bullying’ is exagerrating, but the FDA is certainly trying to recruit everyone in their fight against obesity and for healthier American lifestyles. However, asking restaurants to be more “responsible” in what they put on their menu is going a little far. I do believe that healthy options should be available at any restaurant, obviously. However, the FDA is basically telling restaurants what they should and should not serve, which probably won’t work. People need to be responsible for themselves and their eating habits, they can’t depend on restaurants to make healthy choices for them. If someone goes out to dinner wanting a burger and fries, that’s what they are going to get- even if steamed vegetables or other healthier options are available. Alot of people genuinely don’t care about what they eat, or just aren’t concerned- it’s sad, but true. And the FDA isn’t going to change their minds that easily.

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