This is one of my favorite recipes, ever. It’s especially great in the summer, because it involves minimal stovetop use, stores well in the fridge, and works well for picnics or cookouts. And the taste gets better the longer it chills in the fridge. Best of all, it’s really healthy! Made from bulgar wheat, red lentils, apricots, dates and fresh mint- it’s SO good. I made it this afternoon, had some for lunch on the back porch, and will probably take it for lunch for work tomorrow.

The recipe was given to my mom by a neighbor, photocopied from a 1995 issue of Eating Well magazine. My photocopy is a little beat up at this point…But I found it online for ya’ll: The Sultan’s Salad…I usually subsistute raisins for dates because I always have raisins on hand, and the parsley is optional as far as I’m concerned.

Have a picnic and enjoy!