Let me just say that I hate hate hate Wal-Mart. With a fiery, burning passion. They destroy independent businesses and their employment practices are sketchy. And that stupid singing smily face annoys the crap out of me.

That said, I don’t approve of Wal-Mart’s plans to move into the organic food market, which seeks to “democratize organic food” by making it cheaper. Cheaper organic food? A good idea!Doing that through Wal-Mart? NOT a good idea. Basically, organic farmers are already pushed to meet the currently high (and increasing) demand for their products. If Wal-Mart gets into this, because they have some 2.000 supercenters (which have built-in grocery stores), the demand will only increase. Then they either will have to start large-scale organic argriculture (which will likely not work as well as small-scale) or buy organic foods from overseas, where their standards are lower than the USDA’s.

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*The picture is from the 2005 documentary film, “Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price” by Robert Greenwald.