My parents and I went to Kabob & Curry on Thayer St. this past weekend for an early birthday dinner. I love Indian food, and had never really had it until last year, but now I’m always on the lookout for a good Indian place. I think I found it! Originally, I had heard mixed reviews- usually along the lines of either “It’s not authentic Indian” or “The food is good, but the service sucks.” I can’t really vouche for the first statement, seeing as I can’t tell authentic from non-authentic, but there were some Indian people there so that’s a good sign, I guess? The second statement did hold true though.

I had made a reservation for 4 of us at 6:45pm. It was crowded when we arrived, but there didn’t seem to be a wait. Despite that fact, we had to wait nearly 15 minutes to be seated, while people without reservations were just waltzing in and getting tables. Not cool. We were too hungry to be patient. The service wasn’t that great in general, but whatev. The restaurant was pretty crowded, a good sign, but a bit noisy.

On to the food! The food was great! They have an extensive menu and weekly specials, so you’re sure to find something delicious. I always get garlic naan and vegetable curry, I’m not that adventurous. I had the Goan Vegetable Curry- very tasty and just spicy enough to burn my throat but not chap my lips. That’s the way I like it. Mom had something with “20 spices,” which was ridiculously fragrant and tasty. I don’t remember what everyone else had, but we were all very satisfied. We also shared garlic/cilantro naan and naan stuffed with potato and peas for appetizers. I heard their samosas are the best, but we didn’t get any. The ‘rents got wine, but my friend and I were ignored for drinks (also not cool).

So, all in all, the food is great Indian, authentic or not, but the service isn’t so great. Just be patient, the food is worth the wait! And if you can’t make the trek to Providence, there are recipes on their website!

Kabob & Curry, 261 Thayer St., Providence, RI 02912