Ok, so I always* brought my lunch to school because, well, I had a Care Bears lunchbox so how could I not use it? I also had a pretty sweet Spongebob one too, and I alternated! That’s besides the point….Anyways, I recall that what the dining hall served was not particularly healthy: mac n’ cheese, pizza most Fridays, and probably hamburgers and such too. Due to the rapidly rising rates of obesity among school-aged kids, schools have recently started reforming their lunch menus to include healthier options and some have gotten rid of soda and candy vending machines. Now, Congress is going one step further by by proposing a bill that would eliminate unhealthy foods like french fries, chips, cookies, soda, etc:

“The bill would apply to all foods other than the official school lunch, the meal for which schools receive government aid and which is already covered by other high-nutrition standards. Currently, sale of the other foods is permitted in school if they contain at least 5 percent of the recommended daily allowance of protein and certain vitamins and minerals. This standard applies regardless of the product’s level of calories, fat, added sugars or sodium.”

*Except on Baked Potato Day!!! To all you skeptics who don’t think that a baked potato counts as a meal, IT DOES.

P.S. That lunch lady has nothing to do with anything, she’s not even a real lunch lady. It’s just funny.