Guess who I met today?! Dana Cowin ’82, editor-in-chief of Food & Wine magazine, who was conducting an interview with Warren Brown. I recognized her face, but not her name and then I realized that she had been a judge on a few episodes of Iron Chef…hehe good ol’ Iron Chef! Skipped class to see the interview, which was entertaining but a little long. I went up to Dana after the interview, who is very nice and approachable. I was like “Ummm I’m a major foodie…Do you need an intern??” but she said the Food & Wine itself does not offer an internship program. DAMN. However, she did say that I should definitely try to get an ASME internship (American Society of Magazine Editors). The deadline has already passed for this summer and, besides that, I’m not qualified. So next fall I plan on taking a journalism class and joining the paper (um, maybe), so I will become eligible and then work my way into some food magazine. And Dana likes to hire Brown alums- so that’s one point for me!