Had a super fantabulous day because I met WARREN BROWN!! For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about, well, you should! Warren Brown is the star of the Food Network show, Sugar Rush, and, more importantly, is founder and owner of the very successful and delicious CakeLove cafe in Washington DC (with a 2nd location now in Maryland). He specializes in cakes and other fine baked goods at CakeLove and travels around the country discovering awesome bakeries on his show. Mr. Brown– ok, I really want to call him Warren now that I’ve met him– is an alum of Brown (class of 1993) and is here at the university for a couple of days as part of the new Alumni Spotlight program. Today we had “Cake Break with Warren,” and lemme tell ya, the cake was awesome.

Now that you know who he is, I can tell you how awesome of a person he is! Here’s a guy who graduated from Brown as a history concentrator and went on to become a successful D.C. lawyer in Public Health. But, one day, he woke up and realized he just wasn’t happy enough. So he decided to get into baking– and is now a huge success and loves the direction his life is taking at the moment! So I’m listening to Warren tell us all of this, and it just gives me hope for my own future…he has truly inspired me. I thought my career plans were borderline ridiculous- and then I realized that here’s this guy who has done exactly what he wanted to with his life, and maybe he took a roundabout way of getting there, but at the end of the day he’s so happy with how everything has turned out. And I thought to myself, why can’t I decide today that this is the path I want to take with my own life? I know I want to work in the food industry in some capacity, so why not start now? I was tempted to ask if he needed an intern, but I restrained myself. Anyways, I will hopefully be arranging an interview with him via email. He gave me his business card, so I will probably be emailing him this weekend.

Another thing to love about Warren and his cakes is that he uses all natural ingredients and is a really healthy person. I know that you’re thinking “Umm cake is not healthy…” but in everything he said today, he emphasized the importance of being and feeling healthy every day through a healthy diet, exercise, and by knowing how your body works. Sure, he told us to have a slice of cake once in awhile– but all things in moderation. He believes that you can’t deprive yourself of something your body really wants, like fat. I think that’s just great! I work in a bakery and, yes, people come in for a sweet treat every day and that’s not so healthy, but a cupcake once in awhile won’t kill you. I’m planning on studying nutrition, but I’m all for some cupcakes!

Aaaand speaking of cupcakes, “Cupcakes on the Green with Warren” will be on the Main Green tomorrow from 4-5pm. Before that, I am skipping class to go see Warren being interviewed ala Inside the Actor’s Studio by Dana Cowen ’82, editor in chief of Food & Wine magazine (I plan to ask her for an internship too…). In the meantime, check out his CakeLove blog and all the good stuff going on with Sugar Rush and CakeLove.