This month’s Cooking Light has some yummy recipes for spring, including a whole section on different kinds of pancakes!

My mom and I are picking seeds to order for the garden! She requires purple potatoes and blue carrots, and I get to pick some other stuff. We don’t have a very big backyard, and we’re pretty lazy when it comes to gardening (and yard maintenance, for that matter), so we can only manage a small veggie garden. And when I say small, I mean it’s actually planted in a plastic kiddy pool…Last year, we had basil and some other herbs (mint, maybe?) so we made fresh pesto all the time. We also grew zucchini, corn (which didn’t really grow into whole cobs, it just flowered I think), tomatoes, and some pumpkins (that we didn’t plant early enough). Mmm Spring makes me want to eat vegetables all the time! Oh, veggies, how I love you…

In other news, I am back at school and eating at the Ratty 😦 They did have edamame in the salad bar today, and edamame makes me happy. And, look what I just found: Brown’s Nutrition Website. Who knew?