I’ve been eating at my favorite restaurants throughout the whole week. The ‘rents and I just went to Da Lat, a Vietnamese restaurant that I love. I always get the same 3 things because they’re just so good: Vietnamese Tofu Salad (crunchy cabbage and veggies with fried tofu, in a sweet dressing), Steamed Pork & Shrimp Rolls (which come with the BEST peanut sauce), and Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup). The portions are huge and the food is cheap and delicious, so the place is usually filled with students from Clark and WPI. Mmm yummy in my tummy right now. 425 Park Ave, Worcester, MA.

Pho Ga is very different than your mom’s chicken noodle soup, in a good way. A good rainy day soup. I add Sriracha hot sauce to it.
Pho Sate, a very spicy beef noodle soup. Oh so spicy. Will clear your sinuses.

Other tasty Woosta destinations:
The Corner Grille has, in my opinion, the best pizza in the city! Uber-thin crust with any topping you can think of. My fav is the Greek Pie. 806 Pleasant St.
Tortilla Sam’s has great Mexican food, with lots of vegetarian dishes (I highly recommend the grilled tofu burritos) and yummy sweet potato fries. BYOB and open late most nights. 107 Highland St.
One Love Cafe is a tiny, 5 table Jamaican restaurant. Very cozy with an open kitchen and wonderful food. Also very veg-friendly and with lots of organics. 800 Main Street