I realize that I’m posting like crazy today, but that’s what happens when I don’t have my laptop all weekend. All in all, I had a good weekend. But I didn’t get to go to Magnolia, one of my favorite places in the city because it’s so cute and they make all their pastries from scratch in the tiny basement bakery. The best part of going, besides the eating, is watching them frost the cupcakes in the window while you wait in line (you’ll probably be waiting for awhile, it’s pretty damn popular but so worth the wait). Ok, so the cupcakes are nothing special (haha I don’t even like cake) but the frosting is possibly the best thing EVER. And trust me, I know my frosting, I am a conossiuer of frosting. It’s super sweet, creamy, topped with sprinkles and there’s tons of it! I’m not gonna lie, I make sure to always pick the ones with the most frosting…because I just like to lick it off. They have other good sweets too- cookies, cakes, brownies, etc- but everyone goes for the famous cupcakes. I have the recipe for them so maybe I’ll make cupcakes @ some point this week. Mmm cupcakes….

2. La Focaccia is a wonderful, cozy Italian restuarant that’s perfect for a romantic date or special occasion. I went there for my birthday dinner last year. They have a large menu of pasta and other dishes, freshly baked bread and an extensive wine list. Keep your eyes out for the specials, often utilizing seasonal ingredients- last time I had the Pumpkin Ravioli with a light white wine sauce of tomatoes and zucchini and it was perfect. I also like the classic Gnocchi with Pesto and Tomato and Mozzarella Salad. 51 Bank St. b/w 7th and 8th Avenues

3. Karen’s on Astor is a great lunch spot, if you can find a seat. They have a healthy assortment of soups, sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. The prices are a little high, but the food is yummy and alot of it is organic. I especially like the Carrot Ginger Soup and Chicken Curry Wrap. I also had a Coconut-something soup last time I was there, but I don’t remember what else was in it. 1 Astor Place b/w Broadway and 4th Ave

4. I like to go to Peanut Butter and Co. because it brings me back to 3rd grade…or yesterday. I realize that I could easily make my own PB sandwich, but it just tastes so much better when someone else makes it for you. They have 6 or 7 different PBs to choose from, milkshakes and cookies, and sandwiches come with carrot sticks and chips. The restaurant is cute with antique Fluff and Coca-Cola ads on the walls. My favorite sandwiches are the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl (cinnamon-raisin PB, vanilla cream cheese, and apple slices on whole wheat) or the Peanut Butter Cup (PB and Nutella! It doesn’t get any better than that!). You can also buy jars of their creative PBs at the store, or at Whole Foods. 240 Sullivan St. b/w W. 3rd and Bleecker

5. If you like Indian food, you should check out “Curry Row,” basically anywhere on E. 6th St. between 2nd and 1st Avenues where every restuarant is authentic Indian. The food is really cheap (we’re talking ~$20 or less average for 2 people, including appetizers and tip) and pretty good if you’re in the mood for Indian. I always get Vegetable Curry and Garlic Nan, which are pretty much the same anywhere. All the restaurants along here are basically the same quality and look/taste the same, but the only name I can remember is Raj Mahal, just because it’s so cheesy. Avoid the ones playing live music though, it just gets annoying when you can’t hear your date speaking. If you want more upscale Indian, go to Tamarind, which is more expensive and fancier. I had Vegetable Curry there too, but it was better. E. 22nd b/w Park Ave. and Broadway

6. My friend Celeste (my usual dining partner) introduced me to Venezuelan arepas at Caracas Arepa Bar. We call it “the arepa place.” Arepas are like pitas, only thicker and made from cornmeal. You can get them with a variety of fillings, including meat, cheese, veggies, or guacamole. Venezuelan guac is not what you might expect- it’s chunkier, with more tomato and less avocado, and not as slimy as the usual guac. I don’t really like guacamole but I liked this kind in my Cheese and Guacamole Arepa. The restuarant is really small, so you might have to wait or sit at the counter. E. 7th St. b/w 2nd and 1st Avenues

I’m sure that I will add to this list later but that’s all for now folks because I’ve had to retype this post 3 times now because Blogger hates me.